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Documentbuilderfactory setvalidating dtd

If it is not possible to disable DTDs completely, then external entities and external doctypes must be disabled in the way that’s specific to each parser.

Detailed XXE Prevention guidance for a number of languages and commonly used XML parsers in those languages is provided below.

Node Descriptor Exporter Impl#to(org.jboss.shrinkwrap.node. If set to null, the "version"-attribute of the "feature"-tag won't be changed * @param new Bundle Versions A map containing plugin-id (String) - version (String) associations * @throws Exception */ protected void replace Versions(File feature Xml, String qualifier, String Map new Bundle Versions) throws Exception /** * Handle reading of the input (object) from the kettle repository by getting the xml from the repository attribute string and then re-hydrate the object with our already existing read method. Parser Configuration Exception When the serialization failed * @throws transform.

* @param object * @param rep * @param id_job * @param databases * @param slave Servers * @throws Kettle Exception */ public static void load Rep(Object object, Repository rep, Object Id id_job, List/** * Returns a map of process IDs to command lines * @return a map of process IDs to command lines * @throws Exception - if something goes wrong while reading the process list */ public static Map proc Map() throws Exception /** * actually serializes the list to the file denoted by path To File * @param path To File the path to the xml file to serialize to. Transformer Configuration Exception When the serialization failed * @throws

If you cannot change the document to reference the DTD (HTML, likely) I'm afraid your hack is the only way to go.Unfortunately, the W3C XSL-T specification does not provide any APIs for transformation.Therefore, the JAXP 1.1 Expert Group (EG) introduced a set of APIs called Transformation API for XML (Tr AX) in JAXP 1.1, and since then, JAXP is called Java API for XML Processing.The following guide provides concise information to prevent this vulnerability.For more information on XXE, please visit XML External Entity (XXE) Processing.

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July 6, 2005 Rahul Srivastava After the first release of the W3C XML 1.0 recommendation in early 1998, XML started gaining huge popularity.

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