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Is jordan todosey dating

(Come on, you know you still remember all the words.) There was also a slightly skeevy side to the fandom, however, with fans shipping step-siblings Derek and Casey as "Dasey." The leads seemed to get a kick out of this, since Derek himself shared this Instagram pic using the ship name as a hashtag.So what's the cast been up to these last six years?

Depending on how you’re counting, the lead-up to that announcement could date back to her dating the closeted Riley Stavros or to her attempt this spring to start up a relationship with Adam because she liked that he was “the best of both worlds,” even while she was crushing on her best friend, Holly J.

I don’t think the writers were prepared for Jordan Todosey to not renew.

Meaning they had to quickly write out a character that was pretty close to impossible to write out ‘cleanly’ (like writing out Tori, or K. Meaning the choices were new school (unlikely), divorce (recently done), and death (…what they chose).

After that they had to spend a lot of time killing Adam, and a lot of time reworking various plots to work around losing Adam.

I figure that the Adam/Imogen/Becky plot might not have even been a thing before Adam had to be written out.

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