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The Taj Palace Hotel in Mumbai is worth travelling to see.

As I wrote on Facebook the first time I came here, if there’s no chance of your marrying Harry, then this may be your best chance to be treated like royalty.

, comes the Borat Sagdiyev Longest Book Title EVER Award for Make Benefit the Glorious Art of Literature Award winner, The Easiest Way to Meet and Pick Up Girls—EVER!! Companion Book: The Advanced Man: Finally Revealed, Secrets to Safely Achieving Natural Penis Enlargement, Having Multiple Male Orgasms and Guaranteed Ways to Make Any … Via: The Relationships and Dating Blog The ostentatiously titled Street Boners is actually a picture book of NYC hipster fashion that’s going on sale in just 2 days.

Unlike mainstream feminists, many of whom support the preferred gender expression of [...] Pornogami taught us the secret of creating giant penises from paper.

Even a cell phone with multiple capacities can be the modern black book, whatever its intent.

Future Grammy-winner Sheryl Crow sang background vocals under the name "Cherryl Crowe".

From the author of such titles as How to be a Sexual God: (In 3 Easy Lessons), How to Get ANY MAN to do ANYTHING You Want! The issue at stake is the feminine status of the latter group, which is generally opposed by the former.

The more recent personal digital assistants are probably most likely to be the little black book in the modern dating/romance sense.

Additionally, they’re simply practical, easy places to store contact information.

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Hires, Wins & Business The Monkeys, 3 days, 3 hours ago Michael Derepas appointed Head of Strategy; Grant Rutherford tipped to take ECD role.