Midlife dating time to end adult dating in texas

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Midlife dating time to end

Once careers are solidified or children are grown, many couples realize that they've grown apart or don't really have much in common any longer.Communication becomes difficult or practically nonexistent. For some couples, their beliefs or value systems might have shifted.

And then there's the health factor: people are typically living longer and, with this, may want to spend their extra years doing something different—and that something might not involve their spouse.

Every day, at Couples Therapy Inc, we help men come to grips with a restlessness inside that threatens to destroy their marriage.

It’s a special kind of couples therapy, which demands that each spouse re-examine their lives, their priorities, and the values they hold dear, and not sell themselves short, or their families.

I think I pulled a muscle in my ear the other day while eating muesli. These days, all kinds of unexplained shooting pains, unfamiliar creaks and unexpected wrinkles are possible.

Five years ago, Kat Farmer was a 39-year-old stay-at-home mum.

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When you consider how many marriages end in divorce, it's not surprising that by your middle-age years you know a lot of people who are either looking for love, actively dating, deciding to live life without a partner or are on their second, third or even fourth marriages. CNN reports that although divorce rates have stabilized over the past several decades for the general population, they've risen among baby boomers.