Protection pilot not updating

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Protection pilot not updating

Table 1 shows sample compliance criteria for workstations.

Table 2 shows sample compliance criteria for servers.

An important part of the planning process for SCCM 2012 is developing criteria that you can use to determine when you have reached an acceptable compliance level for updates.

Another important part of the planning process is determining what updates you want to apply and how often.We have received reports from many users who were interrupted in their browsing experience and who got redirected to a fake page purporting to provide an "urgent" or "critical" update and prompting to download a (or .exe) file.Some people have also reported seeing ads prompting them to download a Firefox update.Most organizations create unique deployments for each Patch Tuesday.The Transparency Pilot approach and that previously provided for in Serious Medical Treatment cases has now been merged (in fact, the merging took place in March but the new order has only just been published).

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